100 Everyday Engineering Examples

bookletsSTOP PRESS – more than 100 Everyday Engineering Examples published in more than 40 lesson plans on a new webpage.

I have been including 5E lesson plans as part my recent posts.  These lesson plans are primarily for people teaching first-year engineering undergraduates, which is pulling me away from the intended focus of this blog. So, I have decided to publish all of the lesson plans that I have written & edited on a separate page.  There are more than 100 Everyday Engineering Examples in the more than forty lesson plans.  If that is not enough Everyday Engineering Examples then you can find more at ENGAGE

Now back to Realizing Engineering – we live in an almost entirely engineered world. Engineers, as a profession, are so good at their job that most people are unaware of their influence on society.  Look around you. Engineers will have designed the machines and transport infrastructure to supply most of what you can see as well as what you are probably sitting in and on.

The Royal Academy of Engineering has produced an ebook to expand on this theme of ‘Engineering in Society’ for first year engineering undergraduates but I think its suitable for anyone considering a career in Engineering.

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