We are no one without other people

Decorative imageIt is the Christmas holiday season when many of us will be exchanging seasonal greetings and expressions of goodwill with family and friends.  In the Ubuntu philosophy, a person is a person through other people.  Genuine value arises from our connections to other people.  Life is not about the individual but about friendship, community, respect and compassion.  These interactions are experienced by our consciousness and determine who we are – our identity [see ‘Reflecting on self’ on November 23rd 2022 or ‘Is there a real you or I?’ on March 6th, 2019].  It seems unlikely that a computer could experience them in the foreseeable future [see ‘Conversations about engineering over dinner and a haircut’ on February 16th 2022 or ‘When will you be replaced by a computer’ on November 20th, 2019] so switch off your laptops and mobile phones and enjoy life.   Happy holidays!

Image: people at Pier Head Liverpool enjoying the River of Light festival.

1 thought on “We are no one without other people

  1. sandidureice

    As usual a very thought-provoking post.
    Here I have to disagree. If we let other people define our identity we are in all sorts of emotional mess – always pursuing approval, most of it elusive.
    First and foremost is the individual with lots of self-belief. How many scientists past and present…especially in the past with little funding available, have pursued their investigations despite what others around them are thinking and saying?
    The self-belief of the individual is needed in order to sift through and toss the denigrating attitude of those around them.
    I think it is Brene Brown who said in one of her books, “I am enough”.
    Socialise, but be ready to toss.
    Thank you Eann, love your posts.


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