A daily routine

I have been writing a weekly post for this blog since January 2013.  That’s more than 400 posts, which I thought sounded pretty impressive until I read about the Gentle Author who has been publishing daily since 2010 on spitalfieldslife.com.  That’s more than 4000 stories; so, I am not prolific by comparison.  And, the Gentle Author has promised to post 10,000 pieces which apparently will take until 2037.  I am unsure whether I will still be writing a weekly post in 2037 or even 2027; but, I plan to carry on for the moment.  Last week I read about another daily routine that has been sustained for nearly 40 years by Nancy Floyd.  She has been taking a daily photograph of herself since 1982 and plans to continue to her deathbed.  Her self-portrait series is available on her website and was recently featured in the FT Weekend magazine on August 8/9, 2020.  On the one hand, I am in awe of people who have the self-discipline to maintain such a daily activity; while on the other hand, I feel that there is too much I want to do and think about to stop everyday to take time out to write a blog post or snap a self portrait.  The photograph shows a portrait of me taken by my youngest daughter earlier this month – perhaps the first in series.

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