Best wishes for 2020

Just a picture again this week because I am still on holiday relieving my gadget stress by reading off-line and doing some mind-wandering.

4 thoughts on “Best wishes for 2020

  1. sandidureice

    I had to evacuate for the day due to possible threat of bushfires and decided, for a change, to have a digital-day at the library. Happy New Year. Sandi, Victoria Australia.

    1. Eann Patterson Post author

      Sandi, I have been following the news about bushfires and been shocked by their ferocity and extent. I hope that the threat did not materialise and that you are ok. Eann

  2. sandidureice

    Hi Eann, I wrote a reply a while ago but it didn’t appear here. So apologies for late re-reply. Thank you for your concern. All okay in my area this year so far. Since then record-breaking rain. And a dust storm in NSW that collected in rain clouds and dumped dirty water into my drinking rain water tank…never a dull moment. Tasmania has had record high heat in Hobart – 40 degrees, then three days after there was snow in the highlands of Tasmania. Tassie is only a small island. Thank you so much for your blog Eann. Please keep on writing.


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