Sonic screwdrivers


No relevance except for the tranquility or absence of noise.

In a recent post on Noise Transfer [27th March, 2013] I highlighted the parallels between energy transfer by heat and noise.  In many cases, the heat and, or noise transfer is by-product of a process through which energy is dispersed to satisfy the requirements of the second law of thermodynamics, that entropy must increase as a product of all real processes.  Entropy, can be interpreted as a measure of dispersion, or the lack of availability to do anything useful and this applies to most heat and noise that we encounter in everyday life.

We can use concentrated sources of heat to produce useful work such as the furnace in a power station, but the second law of thermodynamics demands that we waste a substantial proportion of it through the creation of entropy.  It is also possible to use concentrated sources of noise, such as ultrasonic transducer to perform useful work for us, such as in surgery and the manufacture of composite materials [see Professional Engineering, ]; although an all-purpose sonic screw-driver of the kind used by Dr Who is not possible, yet.

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